Thursday, May 5, 2011


Welcome to part two of my trip to the lovely Baltimore, MD. So last we left we were roaming the streets of Downtown. I forgot to mention that they have a state of the art aquarium and taxi's that take you around the harbor, all within the same vicinity of the shopping and restaurants, no car or cab needed.
After all our walking we went back to the hotel for a little siesta. Later that evening we were starving so we decided to find somewhere to eat. Being in Maryland, so close to the Atlantic seafood seems to be the staple here, in particular Blue Crab. We went to concierge and asked were we could get some great seafood at a reasonable price. He suggested MO's. So when you pass Mo's it looks like a huge Long John Silver. BUT it is nothing of the sort! Mo's is located right were Little Italy begins. It was walking distance from the hotel.
Mo's   by day
Mo's is located right outside Little Italy. So I ordered lump crab cakes and my husband ordered the seafood platter. WOW. WOW. WOW. Not only was the food delish it was a massive amount. I'm all about massive portions, sometimes I have to control myself. We couldn't even finish our food, something that never happens.
The crab cakes were the size of a small babies head.
The Seafood Combo.
Under that pile of fried shrimp and clams is a huge fish fillet!!!
Day three was the day of the wedding we came out there for. Lovely wedding, wonderful reception. Everything ended at 10 so we decided to walk around Fellspoint  and got a little peckish. We stumbled upon a pizza place called Brick Oven Pizza's . You can customize your slice. I had a white pizza, YUUUMMM.
Fells Point by night
I don't know these people, but they're in for a tasty treat

Apparently Guy Fieri likes it too
On our last day the weather was really nice, so we went walking around to look for breakfast spot. That lead us to Jimmy's. A small cozy dinner in the heart of fells point. the have these awesome breakfast bowls, with scrambled eggs hashbrowns, grilled onion and green peppers, and you pick which breakfast meat you want.

All in all I would say the trip was great. Baltimore is a really great place. If you ware looking for a weekend getaway downtown Baltimore is the place. Make sure you stay at one of the hotels in the inner harbor, so that way you can walk everywhere. The kind of eating we did we needed to.