Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Ok, Let me just preface this post by saying I don't like to make it a habit of going into long hiatuses between posts, however the past two  and a half weeks have been extremely turbulent. My crappy manager at my crappy job threatens to fire me, insults , and chastises me like a kindergarten teacher all in one day. I got into a car accident (some crack head ran a red light, there are a lot of those where I live) totalling my beloved vehicle plus the usual pressures from this turbulent world. . .

Now on to the trip. My husband and I were invited to a wedding in Baltimore so we left for the weekend and GREAT time. I wanted to share the highlights of the trip starting with the hotel. We stayed at the Marriott Inner Harbor. A four star hotel that we got for $89/night through Priceline.
Let me just say that Baltimore is a lovely place, the downtown that is. For those that have seen The Wire you know what I'm talking about. The Downtown is surrounded by this harbor which leads into the Atlantic Ocean. The Downtown Inner Harbor is full of  nice hotels, but the Marriott is right there on the water.
Lobby of the Marriot Inner Harbor
Daytime View from our room

We arrived early on a Friday night and decided we wanted to walk around a bit. We wound up in an area called Fells Point about three or four blocks away from the hotel that had a restaurant/bar district.We were a little peckish so we found a Greek tapas restaurant, called Kalil's Mezze, courtesy of Vassili the limo driver at the hotel. Yiasou Vassili! There was also a supper club a few doors down that had nice food and live jazz  and a restaurant that served Spanish Tapas not too far down from there.
Kal's Mezze

Day Two we woke up and went walking around the harbor. There was a pretty decent shopping mall with boutiques, but also your standard commercial retailers, Ninewest, Gap, Banana Repub., Aldo, etc. There was a nail salon in the mall, so I treated my husband to a manicure. (He desperately needed it). I also found a Filene's basement. BONUS! There are none where I live, and I managed to snag a sweater on clearance  for $3.87, skirt for $7.24 and shirt for $4.55. They were marked down plus another 75%. I highly recommend Filene's and Loehman's clearance racks but that's a conversation or blog post for another time.

Inner Harbor
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The Gallery Mall - Downtown Baltimore Inner Harbor

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  1. Sorry about your car accident! Someone rear ended me a few days ago. Must be the season! I'm glad you had a nice time in Baltimore.